My goal is to provide you the tools to run your own HR department.

Interview process

Create job descriptions, interview questions and training for the interviewing managers to ensure a consistent, compliant & legal interview process.


Ensure your I-9s are correctly completed and stored, in preparation for an I-9 audit.


Audit your Employment Manuals.

Suggest policies to assist your growing population.

Document your existing policies and procedures to create an Employee Manual that is specific to your industry, your company and your culture.  

Educate your managers then roll out new policies & procedures to your employees.

Additional training for managers

Sexual Harassment Avoidance / Equal Employment Opportunity Laws & compliance / Employee Performance / Employee Engagement

Performance reviews

Setting objectives that are clear, measurable (SMART) and related to your business goals.

Train your managers to prepare and conduct successful reviews and year-end appraisals.

Progressive discipline

Create and train your managers on a company specific program to improve employee performance.

When performance does not improve, creating the paper trail to protect against allegations of wrongful termination.

unemployment benefits

Documentation to ensure only those elgible for unemployment benefits are able to claim and receive unemployment benefits.


Using the key skills of your business to create "High Value Identification" criteria.

Identify the key contributors to your business and the succession plans to replace them if/when they move.


As your company expands, will develop programs to increase engagement and retention.


To conduct investigations, mediate conflict, facilitate disciplinary meetings and witness terminations.


The retainer should cover most policy questions and discussions on how best to handle emergency employee situations.  Plus a monthly e-mail notifying of changes to HR policy and Texas employment law.